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Spring Lawn Services

Total Yard Clean Up

Competitive Edge works with our client to prepare your yard for a nice spring and summer with our spring lawn services. We understand what a Wisconsin yard needs to be healthy and allow you to enjoy during the spring and summer months. Below is a list of spring services we offer to get your yard in order and keep it looking great.

✦ Spring Clean up's
Weekly Lawn Maintenance
✦ Lawn Aeration
✦ Lawn Dethatching
Slit Seeding
Lawn Renovations
✦ Edging & Mulching
✦ Plant Pruning
✦ Flower Bed Renovations and clean up

Competitive Edge Spring Lawn Services Services | Waukesha, Oconomowoc, Delafield, Brookfield, Menomonee Falls, Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Dethatching for a Healthy Lawn

Lawn Dethatching

Why De-thatch?

One of the first things you can do for a lawn in the spring is thatch control. Thinning out the thatch in the spring clears out old, dead grass and other organic matter that has built up over time but has not broken down.

De-thatching will open up the lawn surface allowing for improved nutrient and water uptake as well as severing up stolons and rhizomes which encourages new growth. The renewed growth and warming temperatures of spring provide the ideal setting to perform this procedure.


De-thatching is used when the thatch layer is over 1/2-inch deep and the lawn shows signs of distress, like browning and thinning patches of grass. The de-thatching process removes the barrier to the soil, tearing it up to be raked away, while preserving the actively growing grass. Homeowners should remove the thatch layer when necessary to allow water and nutrients back in, and improve the lawn’s health and appearance.

Time Frame

De-thatching should be done in late spring or early fall. De-thatching when grass is actively growing assures that any existing bare spots, or grass roots torn out by the process, will fill in quickly with new growth. De-thatch the lawn every two to three years, or every year for lawns prone to distress.


De-thatching increases the amount of water and nutrients penetrating the soil. It allows grass to develop a deeper root system, which leads to thicker, heartier lawns. Regular de-thatching removes thick underlayers that can hold moisture and lead to fungal and pest infestations.

Aesthetically, de-thatching gets rid of the unattractive brown layer of dead and decaying lawn debris, leaving only green grass behind and fostering new growth.

We provide Spring Lawn Services throughout Southeastern Wisconsin

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